Strategic IT Management properly places the internal IT

“From Strategy to Execution”


Governance Services

We provide industry best-practice know-how and apply standard frameworks to develop appropriate Business Requirements Engineering incl. IT Project Portfolio Management as well as IT Risk Management Business-IT alignment in your organization. We support in developing and deploying comprehensive

Digitalization / Industry 4.0 Services

We identify your digitalization potentials by assessing internal and external focus areas in order to achieve seamless interoperability between all involved systems (applications and data)


Industry 4.0

Strategy Services / Organization

We assist you in developing the IT Strategy derived from your specific business requirements.

We identify need for action in all aspects around your IT Organization and - Processes

Strategy &


Sourcing /


Sourcing Services / Assessments

We develop your Sourcing Strategy, assess your sourcing maturity and support you in the tendering and selection of partners as well as in sourcing transition projects

Strategic IT Management

Operational IT Management ensures implementation

“Operational Excellence”

IT Service Management


ITSM Services We support you in the definition, development/optimization and deployment of IT Service Manage-ment to ensure a sustainable Business-IT relationship
PM Services We bring your project to success by providing methodological project management services that are tailored to your specific needs

Project Management (PM)

Interim Management We take care of your short- to mid-term IT Management (limited scope, limited time) to bridge your resource bottlenecks

Interim Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

PPM Services We provide you with the required know-how that systematically helps you to manage your project portfolio effectively and most efficiently


IT Mgmt

Business Process MANAGEMENT is key for efficiency

“Streamlined processes”

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

We provide you with the required set of skills, roles and responsibilities needed to operate Business Process Management successfully and tailor them to your needs



Operational Process Management

We help you to bring Business Process Management to life by connecting Business Processes to IT application architecture accordingly


Operational Process Management

Strategy and Organization

We support you in identifying the appropriate structures and strategies required to implement and run Business Process Management in your organization



Strategy &


Methods & Procedures

Methods and Procedures

We deliver best-practice know-how and methods regarding Business Process Management


Business Process


Team Development & Coaching evolves right behaviors


Coaching, Sparring & Mentoring

Coaching, Sparing & MEntoring

We focus on individual develop-ment demands in regards to soft skills resulting from ongoing changes and future needs



Change Management

We take care not only of your functional project results but also make sure that involved persons and teams are well supported and guided during change initiatives


Change Management

Team Development

We accompany your teams on the route to high performance teams with proven team development approaches and methodologies



Team Development
360° Feedback and Culture

360° Feedback and culture

We provide tools and methodology to assess and develop persons and teams


Team Development & Coaching

Finance & Performance Management to control costs

“Value for Money”

Cost Charging


Cost Charging Models

We help you develop appropriate charging mechanisms for IT costs to ensure cost transparency



We assess your IT capabilities and support you in deriving the appropriate KPIs to increase your possibilities to manage IT more efficiently




Costs & Cost Benchmarking

We analyze your commercial IT performance by conducting IT Cost Benchmarks as well as market comparisons to identify cost saving potentials



Costs & Cost


Value Management

& Reporting

Value Management & Reporting

We support you in identifying IT value criteria and ensuring that IT value is recognized and connected to business success



Finance & Performance Mgmt