Substantial Know-how and experience

We are skilled professionals who operate with a network of partners in consulting, execution & implementation. We use our experience and know-how to bring IT into an agile and lean organization to ensure competitive advantage.


Sparring partner for Executive Management

As sparring partners for Executive Management we understand your challenges and demands. With our proven record as prior CIOs we are used to taking over full accountability and delivering on promises.


Passion for IT

We have a passion for IT, which is an increasingly critical element for the sustainable success of companies.

We understand the impact of change on culture, organization, employees and processes. We deliver solutions and use technology to help achieve the required goals.


From Strategy to Execution

We help our customers to gain more business-value by bringing IT into a business-enabler-role. By understanding the business needs we develop and recommend required strategies and approaches and translate them into programs and initiatives. Our experience in execution and delivery ensures a successful implementation.


Mag. Gerhard Koiner


We operate with a network of well-known and trusted partners to ensure we can cover our customer’s demands accordingly.



Our partners have various fields of expertise, either complementary to our ‘core’ skills but also providing additional resource capacity in our projects if needed.


Find more information about our partners in the profiles below:

Carola Payer

Individual- and Team-Coaching,

Team Development,

High Performance Coaching

Roland Kropf

Financial Technology Specialist

(Projects, Strategy, Governance)

Carola Payer

Roland Kropf